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Toss the Turtle Toss the Turtle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

got 8.5 million ft!

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Desert Empire Desert Empire

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I stumbled across this track and couldn't help but rate 5 and post a review.

This is a very powerful song and I love the theme of it. It gave me chills. Very comfortable structure, the chorus happened when it felt it should, the bridge happened when it felt like it needed to. Very comfortable listen and effective use of instruments and sounds.

Nicely done :]

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Malifex responds:

thanks a bunch, it means a lot :)

The Beginning of the End The Beginning of the End

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

There are some very well structured parts and some lovely sounding melodies. The sound effects help with the atmosphere of this song, but be careful you don't over use them or they can become less satisfying. Very nice change of melody, was smooth and appropriate :) Also i think there are just a little too many different patterns at 3:15 which causes slight cluster, but other than that all is good and this is another well worked project. ++++ :)

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SilentShadow97 responds:

Cheers aswell man :) had fun with this mix. Also 3:15 was supposed to be a cross between different melodies to make the drop better :) I knew it sounded clustered as thats what I was going for haha :D Thaanks for review :D

Free 'Awesome Edit' Free 'Awesome Edit'

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I must say, I really enjoy listening to the peaceful and well constructed melody at the beginning. The choice of notes for the sequence flow together really well and create a happy energy. The way the beat stops at 0:30 works really well since other ambient PAD and string sounds come in and support the main melody. Great texture. On a more critical note, I dislike the harshness of the synthesiser that comes in, for this particular genre. Great sounding synthesiser however it seems to isolate that pleasant atmosphere that the start creates. I give this 4 solid stars. All stars earned are absolutely from the first 1 minute or so of the song, very nice in my ears.

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SilentShadow97 responds:

Thanks man :) I would give half the credit to DrDocternator as he had a huge part in the mix. Nice review overall, giving good feedback always helps out, as it helps me gain motivation for other projects.