Entry #1

I changed my newgrounds username!

2017-02-09 13:56:31 by OverdoseOfficial

Hey all, just to let you guys know so you do not get confused - I have changed my newgrounds username from Shtriga to OverdoseOfficial


As some of you might know my music producer name is Overdose and Shtriga was my gaming alias. I created my newgrounds account before I made music, so that should clear that up! 


Cheers all my fans! 




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2017-02-09 14:03:23


OverdoseOfficial responds:



2017-02-13 00:07:27

Yay for Overdose (or Shtriga;p)! I'm happy to see that! I hope you like it more and keep up the same ol' good tracks!


2017-02-21 14:09:45

What did the name shtriga mean anyway? it was a cool name but I could only say it as "shit triggah"

OverdoseOfficial responds:

Shtriga is a supernatural creature in Albanian Folklore. If you google Shtriga, wikipedia can tell you more on its background.

I got the name from watching a TV series called Supernatural many many many years ago


2017-08-08 06:01:33

Shtriga was hard to say so I am slightly glad that you are changing your name to "Overdose" (I tried to say it in the nicest way possible but it turned out slightly negative.)

I also have one question. Will you still be making dubstep pieces? I am currently working on a Geometry Dash series using your Dubstep masterpieces and other of your songs. If youare still making Dubstep then great (I also enjoy your other songs by the way.)! Or have you completely scrapped the idea of making Dubstep?

I would love it if you responded to this comment and answered my question. Enjoying the music. Keep it up!


OverdoseOfficial responds:


I will never scrap the idea of making dubstep / complextro. In fact its my number 1 priority at the moment, however when it comes to sitting down and making a track - I just sometimes cannot get the momentum going for dubstep/complextro. It can be tough but I am trying to get one going for you and everyone else who is eagerly waiting for one :) Thank you for the kind support. I really appreciate that.

- Overdose